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Marine Square, Devonport, Auckland 0624, New Zealand

You’ll find our office in the Devonport Ferry Terminal (right where the ferries come and go).

We run a variety of guided tours and short rides on a Segway Personal Transporter. We also run Segway Games that are a great way to celebrate a Birthday or Special Occasion.    Riding a Segway PT is easy,the machine does most of the work.   We’ll teach you and give you plenty of time to practice before we go on the tour or ride you have chosen.  No matter what option you take, you’ll enjoy our village streets with their beautiful Victoria villas, our beaches, parks and stunning views of the Hauraki Gulf and Auckland City.  You can choose a ride that’s all about experiencing the FUN Sensation of the Segway Ride or a Guided Tour where you will ride to the summit of North Head to explore the Historic Fort from the 1880’s.  Or a Tour to the summit of Mt Victoria to enjoy the stunning panoramic views of Auckland City and the Hauraki Gulf.    All rides and tours are guided and begin and end from our base in the Devonport Ferry Terminal.  We provide well fitting helmets,  have sunscreen available for the Summer months and jackets and gloves for the Winter.  Make sure you don’t miss out – we highly recommend booking a time to Segway with us.
Contact: Pauline Baker

Devonport Wharf, Devonport, Auckland 0624, New Zealand

Horse-drawn Cart Rides – under new management – contact details TBA

25 Lake Road, Auckland, New Zealand

Have a fun day out, where you e-bike about! Electric bike rentals are now available on the Devonport peninsula at 25 Lake Road! …For the analogue individuals out there, we offer regular, 100% human powered non-ebike rentals, available 10am-4pm from inside the Tourist Information Centre at 3 Victoria Road.

At our ebike centre at 25 Lake Road we specialise in sales of entry-to-mid level ebike offerings, for first and second-time electric bike buyers. Step-through city bikes, electric mountain bikes, ebike cruisers, sports electric commuter bikes and folding e-bikes are all in stock, along with a neat range of electric scooters for easy commuting.

Are you thinking about an ebike? See Jonno Leonard and the team at Think Electric Bikes.

Everyone is talking about ebikes these days. Like drones, ipads, and electric cars, they are one of the buzzy new products delivered by the new millenium, designed to make our lives that bit better, and reinforce the notion that we are in fact living in the future (at last!).

Ebikes add electric motor power to your pedalling efforts, so hills climbs become as easy as riding on the flats, and longer distances become easy hops.

To dispel some mis-conceptions, you don’t need a licence of any type for one, they don’t stop if you run out of juice, they are charged from a household plug like your phone, and they require no special skills whatsoever to ride one! You can ride your e-bike anywhere you can ride a regular bike, be that cycle paths, rail trails, or mountain bike parks. Just make sure you have chosen the right bike for your chosen type of riding. That’s where the team at Think Electric Bikes come in.

For electric bikes in Auckland, they are one of the few specialists who focus purely on electric bikes.

Best of all, they are local, and proud supporters of North Shore United. So if it’s help and advice on ebikes you are after, Think Electric Bikes have you covered, at 25 Lake Road in front of the soccer club.

3 Victoria Road, Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand

A heritage walk that encompasses the many historic buildings, houses and sites around Devonport. Includes the Devonport sea front, shops, reserves, volcanoes, museum and churches.

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