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15 Porritt Avenue, Chatswood, Auckland 0626, New Zealand
15 Porritt Avenue Auckland Auckland 0626 NZ

House Inspections in accordance with NZS 4306:2005 and Methamphetamine “P” Testing in accordance with NZS 8510:2017.    Book an Inspection    or   Make an Enquiry

Buyer’s pre-purchase house inspections in Devonport, Belmont and Bayswater

Before buying a house a house inspection is often a requirement. This inspection can help determine any issues such as moisture, insects, rodents, mould, incorrect wiring, rot, etc that might otherwise lead to unexpected and costly delays or problems.

Seller’s pre-sale house inspections 

Before selling your house arrange an inspection to ensure there are no issues that could later cause delays, a reduction in sale price or even a potential loss of sale.

Meth Testing Auckland

A Buyer’s Choice  carries out meth testing for P contamination.  We recommend this test is booked at the same time as your house inspection as it can often be a requirement for insurance purposes.

It also makes good sense to have your house inspected:

  • As an owner of a new build prior to the new house warranty expiring
  • As part of a proactive regime to ensure your home is being maintained in good condition – a 5 yearly inspection is recommended
  • When you have completed major renovations
  • When you are looking to rent a property, prior to signing a tenancy agreement

5- Star No Cowboys 99% approval from over 130 authenticated ratings 2015-2017.   A Buyer’s Choice have Fully Qualified House Inspectors in NZ and all House Inspectors are covered with indemnity public insurance up to $2M per property

  • All Inspections in accordance with Residential Property Inspections Standard NZ4306:2005
  • Meth ‘P testing also available in accordance with NZS 8510:2017

Ensure your investment is sound with a professional house inspection.