29b Victoria Road, Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand
29 Victoria Road Auckland Auckland 0624 NZ

Ice cream heaven!
We sell Ice cream, Drinks, Lollies and Nibbles. All your favourite treats are in our store. We are your treat convenience store.

The store was first opened in August on the 4th 2017 at around 10am, within seconds there were lines from the counter to the door. Obviously the long wait had people intrigued. Our store is very family friendly themed.

We want all our customers to enjoy every trip to our store. The variety of candy will leave you speechless, along with the range of chocolates, drinks, ice cream and even our nibbles. Not forgetting our stores favourite drink, the slushies!

We started off with the two original flavours that we had for about 6 months ( Blue Lemonade, Raspberry) but decided to be adventurous and get flavours such as lime, orange, mango and more over time. 19 of our 16L Tip Top ice creams are gluten free. We have a table inside and outside where you can enjoy your treats too. Open 7 Days