Review of Drain Ninjas Ltd, based in Greenhithe, Auckland

By CS, Vauxhall Road, Devonport Auckland (August 2019)

Beware of this company. My experience was dreadful, they provided a sub-standard service and if you dispute any payments they add 12 % PER MONTH to their invoice.

Drain Ninjas claim to be experts in: Drain Unblocking, CCTV Drain Inspection, Drain Repairs, Root Cutting, Fault Finding & Locating,  Drain Maintenance,Vacuum/Suction

They gave us a verbal estimate for a drain replacement of $1800, but then said they would have to come and do a CCTV check beforehand which would cost $195 + gst.  We were to receive the footage of the CCTV. They came back to us with a requote for the main job of $9000.  We said, “er, no thanks”. The CCTV footage was never given to us, and we said we’d pay  when we got it.

After constant harrassment we finally paid the bill notwithstanding, and guess what? They still refuse to hand over the CCTV footage and are still hounding us for “interest payments”. The company are scam merchants and should be shut down.

drain ninjas review auckland