Devonport ferry

Local Auckland Councillor Chris Darby recently had a constructive meeting with Fullers’ CEO Douglas Hudson and COO Gavin Old. Fullers are adding new sailings to the Devonport ferry service starting Monday 1st May and improved bike storage is being fitted to both the Kea and the Capricornian.

The existing bike storage on the Capricornian was inherited and Fullers now realise it does not work.

Fullers has advised AT that the Stanley Bay service does not work for them commercially and recommended it be added to the open tender process. What that means is the Stanley Bay service will be open to other operators to tender for along with all other inner harbour services, other than Devonport which is contract exempt. That process is now in the tender evaluation stage and AT should be in a position to announce results in about July this year for implementation in July 2018. The lead-in time is required for operators to procure vessels.

Said Chris, “It’s been a rocky ride with Fullers for a fair while but thanks are due for their responsiveness on these matters”.

From 1st May 2017, there’ll be additional weekday sailings added to the Devonport timetable.

The additional weekday sailings are:
Auckland to Devonport – 8.30am, 4.15pm & 4.45pm
Devonport to Auckland – 8.45am, 4.30pm & 5.00pm

Editor’s note: we’re looking forward to seeing the ferries come this regularly ……