Lake Road Traffic

Auckland Transport (AT) is seeking feedback from locals on how to improve reliability and efficiency of travel along Lake Road, between Devonport and Takapuna.

After years of voicing concerns about the state of traffic on Lake Road, mainly during peak times on weekdays but also on the weekend, AT are reaching out to the community to understand what our preferences are.
They are hoping to elicit thoughts and suggestions on a possible solution to the unpredictability of traffic conditions and identify the best way to improve the reliability and accessibility of travel choices to and from the peninsula.

What is Auckland Transport proposing?

AT has found that many vehicle trips down Lake Road are short and local. Their view is that these local trips shouldn’t be made by car, but by ‘walking, cycling or taking the bus’, which would free up Lake Road.

Their approach is to bring in a mix of new transit lanes that would be dedicated to public transport and higher occupancy vehicles, plus expanded walking & cycling facilities and ‘technology solutions’.

They are also proposing that the Esmonde Road bus lane be converted into a new transit lane for public transport and higher occupancy vehicles. The council are saying that this will be supplemented by better ferry and bus services. Technology would be introduced to give travellers more up-to-the-minute traffic information before starting their journey, via smartphone apps and electronic road signs.

They are also thinking about getting rid of all Lake Road street parking.

AT’s proposed options
AT have come up with three alternative plans, each with differing levels of investment and importantly, very different timelines.

The common elements of the plans

All three plans will include these measures:
– New transit lanes (for higher occupancy vehicles and public transport). The Esmonde Road bus Lane will change into to a transit (carpool ?) lane
– More ‘walking and cycling facilities’.
– Improved bus and ferry services
– Greater use of technology, i.e. smartphone apps showing traffic conditions & rideshare opportunities plus electronic roadside signs with traffic info.

which as we understand would be implemented in the relative short term (within 5 years).

The three plans

1. ‘Low’ Investment Level – about $10m
What do we get (in addition to the common elements)?
“Re-marking the road within the existing kerbs to create new segments of transit lanes, whilst retaining the existing cycle lanes.”
How long will this take?
Within 5 years

2. ‘Medium’ Investment Level – between $30 million to $40 million
What do we get (in addition to the common elements)?
“Shifting some kerb lines to create width for extended sections of transit lanes and cycle lanes along Lake Road.”
So certain parts of the footpath will be narrowed and turned into cycle lanes or, perhaps in the odd stretch where the footpath is really wide, into a transit lane. – Ed

How long will this take?
5 to 10 years

3. ‘High’ Investment Level – about $10m
What do we get (in addition to the common elements)?
“Widening Lake Road beyond the current property boundaries to achieve room for all transport modes.”
How long will this take?
Over 10 years

Auckland Transport Lake Road Options

When is the public consultation period?
AT’s consultation period will be open from Saturday 10 June, running until Saturday 8 July. AT will also be at Takapuna Market 18 June from 8am to 12pm.

Are you concerned that AT are seriously considering spending as little as $10m on Lake Road improvements – the cost of 3 or 4 local homes, or perhaps a better comparison, less than 1 per cent of the cost of the Waterview tunnel?

Have your say by giving AT your feedback. Visit the AT Lake Road Improvements website and/or
download the Lake Road Indicative Business Case here and give your feedback (up till Saturday, 8th July 2017) to AT here.