A stunning hidden bay in Stanley Point, Devonport is now officially accessible to the public.

Access to the largely unknown Secret Cove has up till now been practically restricted to owners of the surrounding land at 60a Stanley Point Road.

Secret Cove, Devonport

Secret Cove, Stanley Point, Devonport

Secret Cove, 60a Stanley Point Road

The accessway to the cove was originally bought by 16 now-deceased people in the 1940s, with the aim of protecting access to the beach for the public.

Those people never sold the land, but several years ago an immediate neighbour lodged a caveat on the title.

Chris Darby, the North Shore Councillor, says that the purchase of the property is a fantastic result for Aucklanders.

“The purchase of this land to enable public access to Secret Cove has been a long and complicated one, but it’s finally done now and I couldn’t be happier,” he says.

“The newly acquired land delivers a public access point to a stunning hidden bay, and means the secret of Secret Cove can now be experienced and enjoyed by all.”

“Imagine swimming under the umbrella of Pōhutukawa trees on a full tide on a late summer afternoon, cicadas singing with the sun setting behind the Harbour Bridge – it’s magical.”