Inclusion & Exclusion

The Devonport Directory is a local listings website for residents and businesses in the peninsular, covering Devonport, Belmont and Bayswater.  We love things that are local, so for anything on the other side of Takapuna, you are going to need to Google it or look up the Yellow Pages. Some listings from outside the area may be included because they are not otherwise represented by local businesses – please note that this is at our discretion.

The one major exception to this is if you are resident in Devonport but your place of business is elsewhere in Auckland. As we always like dealing with local people, we don’t mind if your workshop or factory is in Albany or Otahuhu… bear in mind that we’ll need your Devonport address.

This directory takes time to build and maintain – therefore all listings from non-profit businesses and organisations need to be paid for – we need to charge a modest annual fee to keep the directory current. The directory used to exist in a different form and offered free listings – the large amount of admin required to keep it updated meant it could not survive in that form.

Your business’s details may have been automatically brought over from the old format directory. This does not mean you have an automatic right to keep your listing on the directory if you have not paid an annual fee.

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The Devonport Directory reserves the right to determine which businesses and organisations may or may not be included in the directory.

The Devonport Directory includes all listings in good faith and undertakes to represent your business/practice in a responsible and professional manner.

However, inclusion in the Devonport Directory should in no way be taken as an endorsement of any businesses or practices contained within. Please check with the appropriate regulating authorities regarding the qualifications and registration status of any professionals or non-professionals you may choose to engage. The Devonport Directory can in no way assume any liability arising from any dealings you may have with any business or practice listed in the directory. Listings are included here for your convenience and ease of access and do not either suggest or imply that those listed within the directory are fit, competent or qualified to fulfil the roles that they ascribe to themselves.